Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Summer Camp 2008 - Camp Ho Non Wah, SC

Summer Camp at Camp Ho Non Wah was a blast last year. The three boys: Adam, Sam, and Andrew had a great time, and I can't forget to mention they had nice HOT showers! Here are some pictures.

One of the Canoing requirements to to sink and resurface a canoe. Here they are doing it.

Adam and Andrew


Troop 418, ready to go!

Every morning and evening, camp would raise and lower the US Flag. Here is Sam (4th from the left) on Flag duty. In the background, the Camp Staff is visible.

A quick, unknown photo of Adam in the broken camp chair.

The boys had a great set up. Huge tarp, entry way, and picnic table.

Here is the leader's tent... inside of a tent! That was Br. Warren's idea. It worked well and kept most of the rain out.

Relax time.

Here is the other troop across from us. Their leader tent (the left one) was underwater when it rained and had a nice sandy beach inside by the time we left. They pitched their tent in the middle of a low area... not smart, as the boys learned back in Summer Camp 2007.

Here we are again, with Br. Lee carving away, again.

I just love those pants and shorts.

Ready to go to merit badge class.

We are going to Camp Rainey Mountain, GA in 2009. I hope we have a big turn out! It's is going to be 10 times better than Ho Non Wah.

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